Fully professional & easy to use CMS panels to manage your web content

To effectively manage the management of the content on your website we have come up with the solution that is fully customised according to your needs. Our CMS panels will allow you to arrange all the visual content of the website (texts, videos, pictures, etc.) the way you prefer.

Our CMS systems will save your time & money
Easy way to manage web content, photos, information… and much more!

Business Brands company provide a great way of making your website fully operable even if you do not have special technical skills.

We realise all types of projects and always adapt the functionality of our CMS system to individual needs of each particular client.


Our CMS panels can have the following functionalities:

  • CK Editor (to easily add, edit, delete and arrange the website content – it works just like the MS Word tool),
  • Form module which allows you to create different types of form depending on your needs (contact forms, enquiry forms, etc.),
  • News module (it makes possible to post recent news on the website to inform the clients),
  • Ad module (allows to easily upload banners on your website and make it more interesting),
  • Blog module (allows you to run your own blog – add, edit, reove threads you ant to share with others),
  • Gallery module (upload photos and create your own galleries to show your products and/or services, logis, etc.),
  • and many other functionalities!


One of the main reasons to provide this easy to use and highly functional CMS panel is to maximally simplify the website content management and make it available in any place. All you need to haveis the Internet connection to log in to your CMS panel and change whatever you need in a blink of an eye. We make sure that our CMS panel has all the necesary business finctions to allow you an effective management of all the aspects of your website.


If your business needs some additional modules – we can easily integrate to be used right away!
Full visual editing – log in and see the changes directly

To maximise the security of your own CMS panel you can create a unique password and username to access the panel – get the full control over the whole system without the need to hire managers and website designers to do this for you.

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