Fully comprehensive web development services

Sometimes it is necessary to invest in the comprehensive web development services to upgrade your website both visually and technically. You can choose among different types of social networks, new content management system (CMS) or any other bespoke extension you wish. Our designers and project managers will help you achieve the result you look for!

Here at Business Brands we design and develop projects for websites, online shops, portals and many more

Extensive experience and the valuable ‘know-how’


We will help you to develop different types of solution to make your website or online-shop adapted to the latest requirements dictated by the expanding business.

Business Brands will deliver you the following:

  • fully professional and customised web applications exclusively for your business. Some examples include, for instance, personalised Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) to enhance and simplify the management process. This will help yourbusiness reach higher levels of effiiency and experience the faster growth than before. Apart from CRMs we also provide a wide range of other applications such as: personalised web forms, price calculators, invoice applications, company e-mails and many others.
  • E-commerce exclusive applications. This option allows you to eperience the full potential of an online-shop. This includes making the shop front intuitive, simple and user-friendly to ensure that the clients effectively complete the purchase. We prepare several design concepts for you to choose from and modules where you can provide both the short and thelong product description – to make the product and the entire shop well-optimised. Among the remaining applications we realise: reference modules, price lists, assigning sales by products/categories/brands, online payment systems and many more.

  • Development services for Internet marketing. This option allows to effectively build your company corporate image invest in brand recognition and search engine optimisation to make your business more visible and more attractive to the potential client. Among several services we can offer are: E-mail campaigns, website analytics, adding fully optimised website content, Internet video presentations for businesses and more.

If you need a professional and comprehensive help in making your website, online shop or portal fully enhanced and developed to satisfy the growing needs of your business – then you have come to the right place. Business brands will offer you a full service regardless of your business field. Our team of experienced designers, IT specialists and copywriters will effectively plan and develop your website step by step.

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