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We give you and your Clients the opportunity to experience the full potential of your website by making it fully-responsive on all mobile platforms. Our layouts are fully-adaptable to each device – be it a smartphone, tablet, etc.

Business Brands UK use the skills, experience and professionalism of their team to design a unique mobile website which will easily fit into any type of mobile device screen. Our designers will provide you with a fully comprehensive mobile website service – from beginning to end. This ensures  that your website, on-line shop becomes compatible with desktops and smartphones.


What does mobile website service enable?

  • More visitors
  • Better visibility on the Internet
  • New opportunities for SEO
  • Website available all the time
  • Considerably improved user experience


Compatible on all platforms: iOS, Android, Windows Phone/Mobile

We design mobile websites to feature full responsiveness on all mobile devices – regardless of the platform. If you use the newest version of iOS on your device your website will load, reload and work very fast. You will also experience the best performance on Android, Windows Phone/Mobile. Our designers provide a fully-optimised and Client-oriented mobile website service.


Why choose us?

For the past 10 years we have been actively working on the best possible web design service we could offer our UK-based Clients. Throughout this time we have participated in many local as well as international trade fairs, business missions establishing contacts with UK agencies and companies – many of which are now our trusted and contented partners. The 10 years presence on the UK market allowed us to feel the needs and expectations of people here.

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