Bespoke CRM software UK

Business Brands UK offer you creating, testing and implementing of highly functional and individually-personalised CRM systems to make customer relationship management hassle-free and intuitive.


What our CRM systems feature:

  • Intuitive management of all information about the client
  • Easy editing and expanding of functionality and modules anytime you need
  • A professional system of reports and analyses collected in the system 
  • Full personalisation for every customer
  • Sending and receiving mail module to register orders
  • Full integration with other systems (B2B, B2C, WMS and others)


CRMs for agencies, online-shops, warehouses & other businesses

We develop CRM-based solutions and innovations to satisfy the requirements of all potential Clients – starting from IT, advertising, printing, or marketing agencies, through warehouses and all other business types which needs an intuitive, trustworthy and easily modifiable system that can be easily rebuild and expanded anytime you need.


Client-friendly service

Software and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems are becoming increasingly popular. Our company, in response to the expectations of our clients, proposes to you professional and universal CRM systems. All CRM solutions are prepared individually for the industry and the type of enterprise in which they will be used. Our services are not limited to the creation and implementation of CRM solutions for large corporations – we also offer support for small, medium-sized and large businesses as well as agencies.


Why choose us?

For the past 10 years we have been actively working on the best possible web design service we could offer our UK-based Clients. Throughout this time we have participated in many local as well as international trade fairs, business missions establishing contacts with UK agencies and companies – many of which are now our trusted and contented partners. The 10 years presence on the UK market allowed us to feel the needs and expectations of people here.


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