E-commerce – creating professional online shops

Our company helps you design and create professional, fashionable and fully customisable online shops for each type of business. If you wish to have an online shop with an expanded CMS panel – we can create such a shop for you. Business Brands realise all sorts of projects for E-commerce purposes – irrespective of the special field your business operates in.


Most of the people in the UK (60-80%) tend to do the shopping using online shops
With our help you can have your own online shop to make your buisness more effective!

What do our online shops offer?

We have already accomplished lots of different types of web shops always making sure that all the functionalities required by the client are properly conigured and add up to the overall shop functionality for the potential customer. Only the best and the most effectively combined systems and modules make you sure that the potential client visits your shop and finishes the purchase project. Our online shops can have the following systems, modules and functionalities:

  • Item description module. It allows you to enter the most important technical details on the given product. The description can be entered in a short form or in the form of a long text. Both descriptions provide an ideal way towards making your products more visible on the Internet – they have been esigned specially for SEO optimisation. In the description module you can also upload full resolution product photos to show it from different angles and perspectives.

  • Product categories. The CMS panel allows you to create a virtually unlimited number of categories to which you can then assign particular types of products. Each category can have its own description (both short and long) enriched by photos showing different types of products under a category. This enales you to easily organise and manage the number, name and order of the categories.

  • Product rating. Each professional online store enables the client to enter the rating of a particular product to help others make up their minds of whether to purchase it or not. The rating system is easy to follow and intuitive. It is also possible for the customer to enter his/her own product review which you can then manage on your own – you can remove some comments you don’t want to be visible, for instance.

  • Price module. It can be implemented in the item description module so that you can set all the necessary information of the product including also its price. The price module allows you to establish different price rules (e.g. the price with/without VAT, etc.).

  • Discount system. Allows you to quickly and easily specify different discounts. It is possible to connect the specific discount option with specific price types to make the whole proces evn less time-consuming.

  • Online payment system. A very helpful system which allows the customer to eaily pay online for their purchase. The system works perfectly with PayPal. It is also possible to do the card payment.

  • News system. Having this system enables you to quickly publish some important news concerning the open hours of the shop, new special offers, wholesale sales and many more.


Our company provide also many different types of modules and systems to make your online shop fuly adjusted to the needs of you, your products and the market. We make sure that each element of your web shop prepares your business for the effective marketing campaign to gain more potential clients and to make them comfortabl and satisfied with what they see when visiting your online shop.

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