Implementation of web forms

Our company offer professional preparation and implementation of web forms on websites, portals, or online shops. Web forms provide an excellent and simple way of contact, quoting, specifying technical details of projects to be undertaken and many other important issues. Depending on your individual needs we can offer you creating and implementing webforms of the following types:

  • contact forms,
  • online quotation forms,
  • order forms,
  • registration forms,
  • payment forms,
  • application forms,
  • and any other types of forms,


What characterises our online forms?

  • they can have a customised number of fields,
  • required fields are clearly visible,
  • the forms are professionally designed to be easilyreadable,
  • easily editable if necessary,
  • they can be easily combined with a calculator,


Why is it worth having web forms?

Nowadays the flow of information is much greater than even a couple of years ago and consequently the number of transactions going on online increases very quickly. It is for this purpose that onlie forms have been designed and implemented to cope with the ever-growing number of online purchases, enquiries, applications, contacts and all other issues. Thanks to the presence of the webform what you gain is the time

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