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Nowadays communication is one of the most crucial aspects for both small and medium-size companies as well as for large enterprises. It is also vital for each company – regardless of their size and special field to be represented in a professional way. Having your own business E-mail increases the company reliability and gives the potential clients an easy way to contact it. By offering fully professional and customised business E-mail services we offer you the chance to manage all your business contacts and issues in an intuitive and effective way.


Business Brands offer comprehensive E-mail solutions for all types of business types
Attractive E-mail package options with full & quick access to your own business E-mail box


How to establish the business E-mail?

In order to have your own company E-mail you need to have an individual domain which allows you to have a unique E-mail address (for instance Having your own domain is not a very costly thing nowadays – you can have the domain for around £10 +VAT = £11.50 for two years. After that time you can renew the offer and the costs remain the same!

Another important thing necesary for the proper establishment and working of your E-mail is web hosting. Depending on how large your E-mail box is to be the equal size of the hosting should be required. Business Brands offer fully professional hosting services for only £30 +VAT = £34.50 yearly.

What does our E-mail offer provide?

  • easy management for each kind of business,
  • fast access to your E-mail box from any place,
  • contacts, calendar, timetables and other data in one place,
  • easily synchronisable with your phone, laptop, tablet, etc.,
  • individual domain for your business for attractive prices,

If you decide on our hosting you get up to 50 different company E-mails!
info, marketing, office, shop… and may others

How we can help you:

By purchasing the web domain for you and by providing web hosting services we will give you the acces to the panel account where you can create many different E-mail accounts in a very simple way. Alternatively, we can do it for you FOR FREE if you want!

If you jjust want to have your business E-mail we can also offer you an alternative offer – transferring the E-mail box to a larger one (even up to 7GB). The only thing to do is to enter office.(yourdomain) to access the E-mail box.


Is it possible to have an E-mail if I don’t have my business yet?

It surely is! Having a company E-mail makes it much simpler to arrange and manage all the formal issues, search for potential clients. For someone who receives a mesage from youalways sees the E-mail address from which the message came from. Business E-mails bring more respect towards the sender. Another important point is that you can also place such an E-mail on your visiting card.

If you are interested in our offer – contact us and we will help you to:

  • choose the domain most appropriate for your business,
  • purchase the domain on your/company details,
  • establish the web hosting on the English server,
  • set up E-mails,
  • and many more,

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